Mattoch & Kirley’s Hilo Office is conveniently located across the street from the Hilo Airport. There is an urban legend that sites the back tables at Ken’s Pancake House as the first location where Ian Mattoch would meet with his Hilo clients. Ian soon moved into an office on Kinoole Street, and then to the current office at the Tracy Clark Office Building.

Mattoch & Kirley has begun to streamline the office space for administration and operations of the Hilo practice. The conference room remains a comfortable central meeting space for our clients and staff with lots of free and accessible parking.


Mattoch & Kirley has launched efforts to move the entire law firm closer toward the goal of being a paper-free environment. By moving our files to the “cloud,” we have reduced the need for large copying machines and reams of paper to feed the giant machines. In 2021, the Hilo Office has begun to reduce the storage of archived files and to convert existing paper files to electronic files stored in the “cloud.”

With COVID, meetings, administrative hearings, mediations, and depositions have been taking place on online platforms. The Hilo Office has seen that this new way of practicing law has continued as the community begins to remove in-person meeting restrictions. This next-generation technology has streamlined the scheduling and costs of the legal practice of the handling of personal injury claims.


Mattoch & Kirley’s Hilo Office is staffed by a paralegal and legal secretary. Both legal professionals were hand-picked and trained by Ian Mattoch. Over the past 25+ years, Chris and Lisa work as a team to make sure clients are informed during every phase of the legal process of their personal injury case. The Hilo Office works closely with the attorneys and clients – they are responsible for knowing every aspect of each client’s case and to make sure that each aspect of liability and damages is thoroughly documented and every deadline is calendared and met to ensure just compensation for each personal injury claim.

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