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Every driver in Hawai’i, including residents driving their own vehicles and tourists in rental vehicles, has to carry insurance to protect them from the likelihood of a crash. Drivers and their passengers can typically make claims related to any injuries and property damage expenses they incur because of a car wreck.  When you understand the […]

Will Insurance Be Enough After A Car Crash In Hawai’i?

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You probably think that medical malpractice is rare. The average person trusts their doctor implicitly and puts a lot of faith in the education and licensing systems that establish standards for the medical profession. Sadly, medical malpractice is actually a major issue in the United States. In fact, medical mistakes are the third leading cause […]

3 Of The Most Common Forms Of Medical Malpractice

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Some people walk in Hawaii because they are only visiting and don’t want to pay for a rental vehicle. Other people walk because it is an effective way to get cardiovascular exercise. Whether you walk to work or from your hotel to the beach, you will likely encounter some motor vehicles along the way. As […]

3 Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of A Pedestrian Crash When Walking

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