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People can get hurt in a variety of different ways in Hawaiʻi. Some people develop injuries because of motor vehicle transportation. Others get hurt due to criminal activity. Sometimes, unsafe property conditions are what lead to people getting hurt. Slip-and-falls are also a consistent safety concern, and they are one that people often completely overlook. […]

Could A Slip-And-Fall Actually Cause Serious Injuries?

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State law in Hawaiʻi allows those affected by a sudden and unexpected death caused by another to take legal action. A wrongful death lawsuit can compensate the close family members who have lost a loved one because of an outside party’s actions or failures. The party responsible for the death could be either an individual, […]

3 Factors That Influence The Value Of A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Whether you were born in Hawaii or just visiting, you may find all kinds of recreational activities around that appeal to you in your free time – from horseback riding to skydiving and snorkeling to ziplining. Naturally, you probably expect to sign some kind of waiver that releases the people who own and operate these […]

Is A Recreational Waiver Actually Valid?

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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most severe and concerning injuries that a person can sustain. Any head trauma, even if a resulting injury appears closed, could lead to a TBI. In certain instances, the consequences of brain injuries may exacerbate over time, underscoring the critical need for swift medical attention. Consequently, […]

Recognizing Potential Indicators Of A Traumatic Brain Injury

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The average slip-and-fall may bruise someone’s ego and possibly their bottom, and so people tend to assume they are all minor accidents. Especially when there are witnesses and the fall occurs in a public location, the person who fell may feel so embarrassed that they make unintentionally short-sighted choices about what to do next. Occasionally, […]

2 Injuries That Make Reporting A Slip-And-Fall A Smart Move

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People travel to Hawaiʻi from all over for both pleasure and business. Some people who live in California make impromptu trips to take advantage of discounted flights. Others may travel from the East Coast of the United States to the middle of the Pacific to pursue their ideal tropical vacation. Parasailing, snorkeling and hiking can […]

2 Reasons An Injury On A Hawaiʻi Vacation Can Cost Thousands

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When a consumer pays hard-earned money for a product, they expect that it is reasonably safe and that it will function as it should, given the promises of the manufacturer. The vast majority of consumer products serve their intended purpose without putting anyone at undue risk. However, every year, there are thousands of product recalls, […]

Can A Recall Prevent A Company Accountable?

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Motorcycles are a great option for transportation in Hawaiʻi. With the exception of when it rains, people can anticipate riding motorcycles in relative safety all year round. They have room to maneuver around notorious blind curves on mountain roads and can even keep their fuel costs lower than those who are traveling in larger vehicles. […]

Who Covers The Costs After A Motorcycle Crash?

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Sand tracked in from beaches or rainwater from an afternoon shower can leave the floors at a business slippery and unsafe. It only takes a momentary loss of traction for someone to end up seriously hurt at a business, like a bar or a hotel. Slip-and-fall incidents occur frequently in Hawaiʻi and elsewhere. They can […]

Is A Business Liable For Someone’s Slip-and-fall Injuries?

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Losing a loved one unexpectedly results in significant family hardship. Everyone has to adjust to their grief, which can take years to manage effectively. A family may also incur significant expenses paying for counseling and other grief support services.  There will be many other financial concerns to address as well, as the household will likely […]

Important Rules About Wrongful Death Claims In Hawaiʻi

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Given the geographic location of Hawaiʻi, it makes sense that thousands of people across the state work maritime jobs. A maritime profession may be exciting or well-compensated depending on someone’s career. It can also be dangerous. People working out on the ocean can easily get hurt, whether they work for the entertainment industry providing parasailing […]

What Protects You If You Get Hurt At A Maritime Job?

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