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People can get hurt in a variety of different ways in Hawaiʻi. Some people develop injuries because of motor vehicle transportation. Others get hurt due to criminal activity. Sometimes, unsafe property conditions are what lead to people getting hurt. Slip-and-falls are also a consistent safety concern, and they are one that people often completely overlook. […]

Could A Slip-And-Fall Actually Cause Serious Injuries?

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If you look for specific examples of distracted driving, they are nearly endless. Texting and driving. Making phone calls. Talking to passengers. Daydreaming. Listening to music. These are all examples of distracted driving, and they all have the potential to cause serious accidents. When it comes to classifying such hazards, there are three different types […]

What Are The 3 Types Of Driving Distractions?

Image of side mirror of a car with the reflection of a road.

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Drunk driving has been a safety scourge for decades. Public awareness campaigns and increased enforcement efforts have helped ensure that people are aware of drunk driving risks, although many people continue to drive after drinking despite that knowledge. Somewhat similarly, distracted driving has recently become more of an enforcement and awareness priority. The use of […]

Why Do Drowsy Drivers Cause So Many Car Wrecks?

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State law in Hawaiʻi allows those affected by a sudden and unexpected death caused by another to take legal action. A wrongful death lawsuit can compensate the close family members who have lost a loved one because of an outside party’s actions or failures. The party responsible for the death could be either an individual, […]

3 Factors That Influence The Value Of A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Image of road in Hawaii

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Tourists visiting Hawaiʻi often rent cars or even motorcycles to get around the islands. They don’t want to depend on public transportation or paid ride services, which can be inconvenient, unreliable or expensive. Renting a vehicle gives people immediate control over where they travel while in Hawaiʻi and can help them more effectively control the […]

5 Tips For Tourists Driving In Hawaiʻi

Image of a semi truck

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Semitruck crashes can lead to devastating injuries for innocent victims. These large and heavy tractor-trailers can easily crush other vehicles. Because of this, safe driving for truckers and other motorists is imperative. Victims may choose to seek compensation for their injuries. Such cases cannot be successful unless it is accurately determined that another party is […]

5 Common Causes Of Semi Truck Crashes

Image of a pedestrian walking in a cross walk

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People tend to assume that the ins and outs of everyday life become safer over time, but that isn’t always the case. Despite years of declining traffic risk, for example, the trend has reversed in recent years. There have been more serious collisions of all types, including pedestrian crashes. According to a recent review of […]

Why Are Pedestrian Crashes On The Rise?

Image of a motorcycle

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Motorcycles are popular across Hawaiʻi for numerous reasons. Tourists may find them exhilarating and a more enjoyable option when cruising around the island than larger, enclosed vehicles. Local residents may enjoy how affordable motorcycle transportation can be and how these nimble vehicles eliminate the risk involved with some of the sharp turns and limited lane […]

3 Factors That Play A Role In Many Serious Motorcycle Crashes

Image of a car.

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When most people think of the costs of a car accident, they usually think about traffic citations, medical bills and property damage to their vehicle – but car accidents can result in much more devastating consequences that aren’t necessarily immediately apparent. Here are some of the “hidden costs” of a wreck that you may experience […]

5 Hidden Costs Of Car Accidents

Image of a bicycle.

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Bicycles of all shapes and sizes are a common sight on the roads in Hawaii. Tourists may rent them as a convenient form of local transportation instead of renting a motor vehicle, and some residents ride them everywhere. Bicycles are efficient and affordable, but they can also be dangerous. They leave cyclists incredibly exposed, especially […]

Why Are Drivers Often At Fault For Major Bicycle Crashes?

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Insurance is an invaluable investment for those who experience some kind of significant setback in life. The policies they carry give them peace of mind and provide financial protection in the event of some type of loss. Health insurance can cover the costs caused by all sorts of injuries and maladies, and people often want […]

Those Hurt On Vacation Can’t Always Count On Health Coverage

A person signing a document

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Whether you were born in Hawaii or just visiting, you may find all kinds of recreational activities around that appeal to you in your free time – from horseback riding to skydiving and snorkeling to ziplining. Naturally, you probably expect to sign some kind of waiver that releases the people who own and operate these […]

Is A Recreational Waiver Actually Valid?

Image of a brain scan.

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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most severe and concerning injuries that a person can sustain. Any head trauma, even if a resulting injury appears closed, could lead to a TBI. In certain instances, the consequences of brain injuries may exacerbate over time, underscoring the critical need for swift medical attention. Consequently, […]

Recognizing Potential Indicators Of A Traumatic Brain Injury

Car driving.

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Being injured in a car accident can be a distressing and challenging experience. In such situations, knowing the right steps to help protect your rights and ensure proper compensation for your injuries is crucial. Keep scrolling to discover essential information on what to do immediately following an accident. The recommendations outlined below can increase your […]

What To Do When Injured In A Car Accident In Hawaiʻi

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The average slip-and-fall may bruise someone’s ego and possibly their bottom, and so people tend to assume they are all minor accidents. Especially when there are witnesses and the fall occurs in a public location, the person who fell may feel so embarrassed that they make unintentionally short-sighted choices about what to do next. Occasionally, […]

2 Injuries That Make Reporting A Slip-And-Fall A Smart Move

Image of Hawaii pool.

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People travel to Hawaiʻi from all over for both pleasure and business. Some people who live in California make impromptu trips to take advantage of discounted flights. Others may travel from the East Coast of the United States to the middle of the Pacific to pursue their ideal tropical vacation. Parasailing, snorkeling and hiking can […]

2 Reasons An Injury On A Hawaiʻi Vacation Can Cost Thousands

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